Luggage Tags

These useful travelling accessories are perfect for showing your advertisement on a relatively large space. The luggage tag provides a writable address field either on the back or inside, where your customers can fill in their address and telephone number. Thereby it is easy to find out the rightful owner in the case of loss. Luggage tags can be produced in various shapes and materials as shown below.
  • Aluminium Aluminium

    Der leichte und elegante Kofferanhänger aus Aluminium verfügt über einen seitlichen Einschub für die Adresskarte. Die Karte wir sicher gehalten durch das Stahlseil mit Schraubverschluss. Das Aluminium kann in unterschiedlichen Farben gewählt werden.

  • Felt Felt

    Anhänger in beliebiger Form.

  • PVC, rectangular PVC, rectangular

    Two cards with address field.

  • Metal Injection Metal Injection

    Valuable tags made of metal.

  • Rubberized PVC Rubberized PVC

    Large Tags, also suitable for 3D design.