Rubberized Soft PVC Keychains

The flexible and rubberized soft PVC material is ideal for the production of keyrings, pins, magnets and 3D figurines. Each colour is injected as a separate process, so the result appears three-dimensional compared to normal painted or printed surfaces. Recessed parts and embossed letters make it look interesting, and the use of brilliant colours including such as neon will effect a refreshing advertising. The injection technique allows very detailed miniature reproduction of any item you can imagine: keyrings, magnets, lapel pins, badges. Let your creativity take its course!
  • 2D 2D

    Flache Oberfläche im Puzzle-Look.

  • Halb-3D Halb-3D

    Flache Rückseite und plastisch ausgeformte Oberfläche.

  • 3D 3D

    Voll plastisch ausgeformte Oberfläche.