Traditionally, EVA foam material is used for footwear items, mats for yoga and cushions. Nowadays, highly improved grade of EVA foam materials complying with ASTM and EN71 safety standards are available. As the result, these new materials are used for toys, gifts, stationery, households, educational and handicraft items. They are inexpensive, lightweighted, weather resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. They are free of ammonia smell and environmentally friendly. The smooth surface is ready for logo printing.

The keychains are offered in two different versions:

  • 3-layer with 9 mm total thickness (3 mm each layer) with stopper, nylon cord and 25 mm keyring
  • 4-layer with 16 mm total thickness (2 mm - 6 mm - 6 mm - 2 mm) ´with stopper, nylon cord and 25 mm keyring

The 16 mm version is extra thick and floatable.

The keyrings can have your individual shape.

Technical Information

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