Three-in-one Pads


The three-in-one pads are a perfect long-term advertising medium with a high benefit. Firstly, it is usable as a mousepad, which microfiber surface and rubber base guarantee precise mouse movement. Secondly, it is perfect for screen cleaning due to its soft microfiber surface. Thirdly, as the three-in-one pad is very thin and soft it is ideal for protecting your screen against scratches, if you put it between the screen and keyboard. Besides it is always ready to hand.

The smooth microfiber material allows brilliant photo prints without any limitation regarding the motif. Therefore, it is ideal for the colorful and sophisticated implementation of your advertising.

We provide the three-in-one pads each in polybag, which is the well-priced version. Alternatively, we offer a display package with a 4C-printed card.