Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get reference samples?

Yes, from most of the articles we have samples in stock and will send them to you. Simply tell us what kind of samples you need.

How long are the delivery times?

Delivery times vary depending on the item. The production of approval samples takes about 2 weeks. The series is available by air freight after 4-6 weeks, by sea freight after about 10-14 weeks. For urgent orders, delivery time may be shortened by agreement. It should be noted that the delivery times in January / February can be affected by the holidays of Chinese New Year, you may experience delays of up to 3 weeks.

Can I order without approval sample?

We recommend the production of approval samples to avoid later disagreements. This allows us to provide you and your customers more safety. From a minimum quantity of 500 pieces this is a free service that merely prolongs the delivery time by about 2 weeks.

What is the minimum quantity?

The minimum quantities vary depending on the different articles. On most product pages of our website you will find the minimum quantity.

Are the products provided with a labeling according to the product safety law?

Yes, our products comply with the legal requirements.

The current product safety law requires the affixing of the name and complete street address of the manufacturer and an identification tag (eg. the item number) directly on the product. Even promotional items are affected by this regulation.

In the case, that our contact details are not wanted on the product, your or your customer's address can be used , at no extra cost, instead. The information can be applied as part of the main motif, a label or a back side print. For every product there is a customized solution.

What does REACH mean for the items delivered by happyROSS?

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 REACH, the European Chemicals Agency ECHA published on its website a list of substances of very high concern (SVHC) which meet the criteria of Article 57 of the REACH Regulation and were determined according to Article 59 of the regulation. With respect to Article 33 of REACH we inform you that products supplied by happyROSS contain no substances included on the list (as of 15.12.2010) at a concentration of 0.1 weight percent or higher.

Which certificates are required for the items delivered by happyROSS?

The products supplied by us comply with respect to the material properties to the current EU guidelines and are made from health-safe materials. This concerns in particular the lead content and the use of AZO free colors. If you need a certificate for a job, please let us know in advance and schedule a testing period of 3-4 weeks. The costs depend on the material and the number of colors used and you will be notified as soon as known.

Are social aspects considered in the production?

The contracted factories are visited regularly by us. On these occasions, we assure ourselves of decent working conditions and that no child labor takes place. We agree to the social principles of the SA 8000 standard of course and practice them in our company. Our Asian factories are either already SA8000 certified or act according to these rules.