Pocket Knife "Horse Head", blue

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What if you are riding in the woods or on a horse show and your horse has a little stone in the hoof? You will be pleased if you have one of these little pocket knives with hoof pick with you. Two artful designs are available. The horse head shaped knife has an integrated hook, the jumping horse is featured with a keyring. Knife and hoof pick are made of stainless steel, the housing is made of light aluminum. Horse Head approx.: 75 x 62 x 7 mm

Item number: 40488
EAN: 4044879404886
Material: Knife and hoof pick: stainless steel; housing: aluminium
Size: 75.0 x 62.0 x 0.7 cm
Packing: Gift box
Weight (incl. packing): 56.2 g

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